Where Community

is Queen!

Vision: Perpetuating passionate progress leading to prosperity.
Mission: To provide an inclusive, safe space for youth to develop and discover their true selves by providing passion-based exploration through creative expression and leadership.

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Bee a part of our youth leadership team!


The Hive at a Glance

 Just as bees work together in every effort for the greater good of the entire hive, we intend to operate in the same manner. We are committed to creating a space that inspires individuals to better their own lives and the health of the Community.  The Hive provides a place for youth and Community members to explore life skills through various recreational opportunities, art, music and creating a place of belonging, empowerment

and self-accomplishment.


Self Reliance - Responsibility - Courage - Discipline - Integrity  Wisdom - Compassion - Humility



We aim to provide a venue for the youth and the Community to create, and display their art, to write and perform their own music in our DIY music venue, providing a chance to explore numerous passions that can lead to healthy habits and decision-making. We intend to host empowering workshops that encourage young people to pursue their passions confidently led by adult mentors that also share the same passion. In addition to offering youth programming, all services we facilitate are open to the Community at large with no age limit. The Hive intends to establish a multitude of partnerships with local organizations in the area to better serve our purpose and not duplicate services, but strengthen a model of collaboration, aka cross-pollination.