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Collective Dream of The Hive Staff:
We intend to manifest the culmination of progress, alternative thinking, and free creative thought into a space where we can witness attendees overcome hurdles in their skating, recreational, music, and art journey. It is the most powerful thing to be alongside an individual when they break mental or physical barriers to achieve a goal. These physical barriers are mirrored reflections of mental barricades that we battle and struggle with every day to free ourselves from. Where we find peace is walking up to the edge and soaking up all the danger, fear, and doubt, and then turn it into an achievement worth personal pride and tools that can be used in future encounters with the unknown. Mentorship helps promote in ourselves what we didn’t think was possible on our own. That first drop in, the first time on stage, the first gallery showing, these are the things we want to see come out of the Hive, our shared first times creates a lasting impression on both student, mentor and the Community.


Alex Vick

Creative Director


Kelsie Borland

Executive Director


Jeff Hamner

Programs Director


Sam Jones

Graphic Designer

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