Two Miles Wide Fundraiser Starts NOW!

The Pitch:
2 Miles Wide Climb Fundraiser

During the month of October 2022, one of the Hive family members, Mike Largent, is climbing TWO  vertical miles of off-widths in Indian Creek, UT to raise money for The Hive. This is truly a huge deal! For those of you who do not know what this even means, it is basically one human climbing up very large cracks in a cliffside for two whole miles...that is very long!! Help support Mike on this journey ~


Mike successfully climbed one mile of off-width in May of 2021 raising $2140 for the Hive and he has decided to double his effort to raise even more $$.

This time we’re hoping to match dollars for feet! That’s $10,560 for the youth of Durango and surrounding areas! Please support this effort!


There are three things we’d like from you:


1. Share this Hive Link on social media. 

2. Commit to donating a certain amount of money per vertical foot climbed OR agree to match donations up to a certain amount.  DONATE HERE


3. WISH LIST FOR OUR CLIMBER: Climbing this much off-width destroys ropes, shoes, harnesses and gloves. Donate some gear to Mike. CONTACT MIKE!

All proceeds go towards passion based programming for local youth!