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In The Weeds

In The Weeds is offering an intoxicant-free space that is available to all service industry workers that will provide resources and a communal area to gather between shifts, break times, and just a quiet space in general. The concept is to name part of The Hive space “The Walk In” to represent that it’s a place to gain a moment of peace, to cool down from the demands of work, and refresh. In The Weeds offers various support programs including groups, physical activities, professional trainings around self-care.


Oak Tree Resources

Oak Tree Resources will be offering a Youth Drop-In at 1500 Main Ave. and will offer opportunities to young people who need support with Education, Job Skills, Employment, and Avoiding Homelessness.  We're here to offer a listening ear, cultivate healthy, trusting relationships, and support the additional services that young people need to move through life in a healthy way.  Staff can also provide appropriate referrals for crisis intervention, resources, and counseling. Oak Tree Resources works to meet young people who may be experiencing homelessness and engage them, while giving them some support, and possibly a way off the streets. In the new location, we will offer group discussions in subjects such as healthy relationships, budgeting, and more to help many of the youth we serve on their individual paths to independence.

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SOS Outreach

SOS Outreach is a national youth development organization that has been operating a snowboard mentorship program for over 14 years in Durango. The SOS Durango Program has served over 1,400 local youth throughout the years in outdoor mentorships, life skills workshop and service learning projects. The Hive is proud to now host the Durango SOS Program as one of the premier outdoor exploration through mentorship programs we plan to offer. 

For more informaiton on SOS Outreach email

State of the Skate

State of the Skate is a group of committed people - families, local businesses and organizations working together to improve the conditions and atmosphere of the skatepark by adding amenities, hosting competitions and ensuring on-going stewardship.


Dumpster Beautification Project

The DBP is a community based non-profit that brings together local artists, at-risk youth, and community members of all ages to design and paint WCA dumpsters. The project brings art to unexpected places, and gives artists a forum to show their work. Project artists teach basic design and painting skills, and they mentor at-risk youths on legal outlets to express themselves.

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